About Us

Aspiring Black Leaders

Who We Are & What We do

Aspiring Black Leaders is an organisation that provides networking events, educational workshops and weekend bootcamps for aspiring & early stage entrepreneurs with the aim of increasing diversity in the entrepreneurial space.


Over the next 10 years, to foster the growth of 10 000 successful black entrepreneurs and leaders locally and globally.


  • - Create an environment that allows aspiring entrepreneurs to connect, collaborate and do business with each other

  • - Build and grow a network of influential ecosystem stakeholders who can add value to our community in the form of access to markets, networks, mentorship, early stage funding & skills development.

  • - Provide high quality educational workshops & bootcamps to our community that will teach them new skills and develop current skills in order to ensure greater success in their businesses.

  • - Play a role in building a diverse and inclusive ecosystem by integrating the ABL community with other communities and organisations that lack diversity.


In 20 years time be globally recognised as the number one community for inspiring, growing, connecting and educating successful black entrepreneurs and leaders.